When planning for a vacation, choosing a place to stay is at least as important as deciding what to do or where to go. Many people look into luxury condos as an option. These high-priced but high-quality condos can be found in every major city and near a number of many popular vacation spots as well. Ski resorts, beaches and isolated country vacation areas are usually where these condos can be found. Condos can be found in a high-rise building or in a smaller development. They are usually found grouped with other condos in a community-type environment with specific regulations for residents and renters.

What to Expect

For the most part, typical luxury condos have all the amenities of home. A kitchen, living room, dining room and multiple bedrooms are standard fare. Most condos come equipped with bedroom linens, flatware and dishes, and some appliances, including a washer and dryer and a television and other entertainment equipment. Air conditioning may or may not be available; this amenity will usually be reflected in the price of the condo. Fireplaces, grills, and meal service all depend on the specific condo you choose.

Some condominium complexes operate as hotels: they have specified check-in and check-out times, and penalize accordingly if visitors are early or late. Some have minimum stay requirements, which may depend on the time of year it is or if a certain event is happening (a major sporting event, a political conference, etc.). Some condos provide maid service, as does a hotel, but others charge an extra fee for such services.

Some condos are available to purchase as well. This allows people to stay at the condo as often and for as long as they want. There are different policies for buyers than for renters, and these also depend on the specific condo complex chosen. These condos often have committees made up of residents that make major decisions for the condos in their community and vote on regulations and the like. This allows an atmosphere of openness and relaxation in the condo community.

Buying a condo is much more involved than simply renting one for a vacation. All the implications of buying a new home come into play, so be sure you know all the rules and regulations of the condo community and that the condo is in good condition. This can be accomplished by acquiring the services of a trusted real estate professional that knows his or her way around luxury condos. Since you can expect to invest quite a bit in one of these condos, you’ll want to be sure that your money is well spent.

Luxury condos can add class and increase relaxation on a vacation, and also provide those who are ready to invest in a second home with a place to go to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Check out all your options and find a real estate agent to help. Whatever your situation, there is a condo out there for you.

Maui Luxury Condos For Sale

Real estate is booming in Maui — no wonder, with the number of tourists that flock to this part of Hawaii every year. Maui has been named the Best Island for 12 years in a row.

Any real estate is an investment in a place like Maui and luxury condos are no exception. Builders are constructing luxury condos in all parts of the island and real estate agents and tourism agencies are buying them. Rich businessmen find their holiday homes in luxury condos in Maui. The luxury condos are aimed at buyers who are ready to spend out a few million dollars for a pleasant stay in this tropical island in Hawaii. And the condominiums include not just apartments with bedrooms and living areas, but other luxuries that usually come with a five star hotel.

If you are looking for a luxury condo in Maui, you can start by visiting Mauirealestate.com and its Coconut Chronicles that regularly list the best luxury condos for sale in Maui. They come out with a detailed description of the latest luxury condos, for example, Na Hale O Makena, which is listed out as a new luxury condo community in Maui. Aimed at higher end owners, these condos include amenities like barbecue areas, clubhouses, exercise rooms, Jacuzzi and much more. The market price for a condo in this community is rated at $2,200,000.

Once you have done a thorough search on the Internet and decide on the features you need for your luxury vacation home and the money you would like to spend on it, your real estate agent in Maui can be contacted for a tour of the hottest luxury condo communities in town.

Marketing Luxury Homes in the Age of the Internet

Selling real estate is a competitive business. It is also one in which there is both tremendous risk and high earning potential. That is especially true in the case of high-end luxury properties.

Real Estate Professionals Market Luxury Homes

For real estate professionals, marketing luxury homes requires different strategies than selling more typical homes and properties. When trying to sell a half-million dollar home, and ad in the local Sunday newspaper is not the most effective approach to take.

How to Distinguish a Luxury Home

The luxury home market is usually defined, depending on the local market, as the top 10% of homes listed by asking price or homes listed above $500,000. Something that makes luxury home sales different from others is that each property often requires its own marketing plan. Another difference is that the buyer is more likely to be from out-of-town or state, often more than 500 miles from the location of the property.

Luxury Property Market

Another common challenge in selling luxury properties is that many of them are highly customized to the needs, wants and tastes of the current owners. Unusual and special features make a home unique but to many buyers, these homes would appear to require extensive renovating to make them more suitable for them.

Traditional Marketing for Luxury Property

Placing ads in newspapers, local real estate guides, and running open houses is not the most practical approach to reach potential buyers of these homes. These tried and true techniques of selling homes often do not reach people genuinely interested in purchasing high-end luxury properties. Rather, they often attract people who are described as interior decorating tourists or just those curious about what’s inside these stunning homes.

Reach Luxury Home Buyers on the Web

The Internet has opened up better avenues for reaching buyers interested in luxury homes in markets across the country and around the globe. Listing a luxury home online can extend a real estate agent or broker’s reach by hundreds or thousands of miles instantly.

List a Luxury Property Easily

In addition to multiple listing services (MLS), the Internet is also home to a variety of sites offering other ways of listing real estate for sale. There are listing sites that sell nearly everything imaginable and others that are exclusive to homes and property.

With the ability to include detailed description of a luxury home and its amenities as well as photos and, sometimes, virtual tours or at least a link to drive traffic to an external site for more information, these sites are very economical to a real estate agent’s advertising and marketing budget. Some offer free listings or charge a nominal fee while others charge more for deluxe features.

Websites Where Luxury Property Can be Listed

Craigslist.org is one example. Anyone can list almost anything, including real estate, largely for free. Craigslist.org is a collection of some 30 million online classified ads in 450 markets in all 50 US states, and over 50 countries. With billions of page views each month, craigslist.org is one of the most visited English language sites.

There are sites that are more specific to buying and selling real estate. One example is houselist.com. This site has different levels of listing from free to several hundred dollars annually. Each level includes more selling features for an unlimited number of listings. Like craigslist.org, houselist.com is searchable by state and city or by country.

Another option is to use an auction site. eBay is probably the best known of these online companies. Listing expenses are generally linked to the value of the item for sale. There are nominal insertion fees for posting the item on the site. When the item is sold, additional fees are applied amounting to a percentage of the value of the sale.